FOOD STORAGE SALES REP ($4,500 - $5,800/mo)

Did you know that...

Over 80% of freeze-dried food storage sales are by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

Are you a person who thinks they can be successful in this well-connected network? Perhaps you would be interested in starting a new full-time or part-time sales position...selling something that people need!

Then perhaps this new sales job is for you. We are a food storage company that sell freeze-dried meal packages to families to solve their food storage needs. Just add hot water and ten minutes later you have Chicken Teriyaki w/ Rice or Spaghetti Marinara w/ Mushrooms, to name a few. That's the beauty of freeze dried food. No additives. Real meals brought back to life after adding hot water.

Our packages range anywhere from $1649 to $8999 and can feed a hungry family of 5 for 3 months up to one year. These Mountain House meals last an amazing 25 years.

Stop replenishing or rotating your food storage every couple of months. I'm not here to say there is a wrong way to do food storage. I just think there is better way to do it.

We feel like we are the solution. Do you see the difference? can you apply?

After great success in the Utah region, our company is in the period of expansion. Timing could not be better.

Although it's not uncommon for people to develop door-to-door campaigns in areas where family food storage needs are highly populated, this job is designed to be referral-based. Getting referrals is easy once you meet with any client. Wether they buy or not, you probably are going to receive 8-10 new names. Everybody knows people that would benefit from our product. Better yet, our sales training is designed to have our customers call the referrals, generating other outstanding leads. Referral-based appointments are closed 60% of the time.

All sales reps start out at 10% commission on each sale. This can be a full-time or part-time position. Just a few sales a month can lead to thousands of dollars in commission. A couple sales a week and you are on your way to a six-figure income.

How many families do you know that are still doing food storage the "old fashioned" way?

Take advantage of this great time to put freeze-dried meal packages in the homes of American families.


(In the message box, tell me WHAT qualifies you to sell food storage and WHY you want this sales position)

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